The Wedding Day Look

 The Wedding Day Look

The big day is just around the corner. Your venue is set. You‘ve hired your photographer, your DJ and your caterers. You spent countless hours planning and writing your vows, and you know damn well there won’t be a dry eye left in the crowd. Groomsmen gifts; check. Wedding rings; check. Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast; check. Give yourself a pat on the back. You made it through unscathed. But don’t take your victory lap just yet. You’re a champion so make sure you look the part.


We always say that a navy or a gray tone suit in an open weave fabric is the way to go for your wedding day. And there are a variety of reasons for that. Navy and gray look the best on pretty much any skin tone and body type and are the easiest colors to transition into everyday wear for after the wedding, whether it be for work, play, a night out on the town or someone else’s wedding.

When you look at your wedding album years from now with your grandchildren on your lap, it would be awful if you regretted what you were wearing. A trim, balanced and form fitting two button jacket with a proportionate notch lapel will never, ever go out of style. It is both modern and classic. Couple the jacket with a pair of flat front tapered trousers and you’re golden. There is nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky, especially when all the attention is on you. You’re going to be dancing, getting up and sitting down a hundred times, shaking hands and kissing babies through out the reception so we recommend adding a cloth back 5 button vest to complete a 3 piece suit. This way if you break a little sweat while moving around you can pop off your jacket and still feel put together. The vest will also keep you feeling trim and help in keeping you standing upright.

However, if you plan on hosting a black tie wedding, we’d recommend staying away from navy or gray suits and reaching for a black or midnight blue tuxedo. A single button tuxedo jacket with a contrast satin shawl or peak lapel is a tried and true classic. Whether you choose to wear a long tie or a bow tie, obviously black is the best choice for the occasion. Also, consider a black silk knit to add a bit of a textured contrast next to your sleek, satin lapel.

There is no better compliment to a 3 piece suit or a tuxedo than a crisp, clean, form fitting white shirt. White is the perfect blank canvas for any color tie. So, if you have a wedding color that you would like to incorporate into your wedding day look, the best possible background for it would be white. The tie will pop and contrast nicely regardless of its color. Add a white cotton pocket square in a presidential fold to help complete the look.

As for shoes, you can never go wrong with a classic. Spring for something with a leather sole whether it be a loafer or a lace up. Leather soled shoes will last longer than their rubber counterparts. Leather soles can be replaced as the soles wear down over time. Black leather shoes look best with gray suits and brown shoes compliment navy suits the best, however don’t be afraid to wear black with navy or brown with gray. Whether you choose a cap toe lace up, a brogued wingtip, a monk strap or a classic venetian loafer there really isn’t a bad choice for footwear as long as the shoe is simple, modern and understated. Stay VERY far away from square toes as well as anything that looks too busy or too casual.

Whether you choose to accessorize or not is really up to you and your significant other. A watch, a tie bar, a boutonniere or a pair of family heirloom cufflinks are all great ways to add a little something extra to your look. But remember the best accessory for any look is the person standing across the altar from you.

More importantly, the best advice that we can give you is to enjoy the moment. Soak it up and relish in how great you look and feel. And like we stated earlier, this is your big day too. Knock em’ dead.

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