The Greatest Jacket Ever Made
Our made-to-measure, unstructured hopsack jackets are incredibly lightweight, breathable, completely gutted and chocked full of pockets making them the perfect go to jacket for travel, work or a night out. The open weave of hopsack wool makes it nearly impervious to wrinkling. Whether you pull it out of the closet, suitcase or the trunk of your car it’ll stay crisp and ready to wear every time.
Hopsack wool’s texture lends itself to being the most versatile jacket in your arsenal; easily dressed up with a shirt, tie and trousers for a board meeting or paired with jeans and a fitted t-shirt for some post work drinks. Woven in Italy and designed to be appropriate for all four seasons, making it the perfect jacket for a chilly winter day or a mild summer night.
With multiple color options and the ability to make it fit your personality and lifestyle by customizing the lapels, pockets, buttons and more; our hopsack jacket will quickly become your favorite piece of clothing and keep you looking cool, relaxed and prepared for whatever the day will throw at you.



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