How to Dress for the Interview (& Job!)

So, you’ve managed to land yourself a big interview at a company that you’ve coveted working for. You’ve done your research, you know your stuff, you’re feeling confident and ready for anything that they may throw at you. The last thing you should fret about is what to wear. You want to be well put together, but not over the top. You want to appear relaxed but not too relaxed. In these modern times, where dress standards are becoming less and less rigid, it can be difficult to decipher what is appropriate for an interview and what may come off as too laid back or too buttoned up.

1. Dress For The Job 

This is a no brainer. If you’re interviewing for a position at a law firm, wear a suit and tie. If you’re interviewing for a gig in the creative field put together an outfit that speaks to that. A sportcoat, crisp dress shirt and dark denim would work. It sounds cliché, but “dress the part.”

2. Stay Neutral

Navy and grey are always the most approachable colors to go with. They are, without a doubt, the way to go for a job interview in a more corporate environment. Couple the suit with a clean white or soft blue shirt. Stay away from bright colors and bold patterns for first impressions. Colors in a pastel palette can add a bit of pop without being too loud. Smaller patterns like micro-checks, pin dots, mini polka dots and tight glen plaids are a good way to wear patterns without being too flashy

3. Slim, not Skinny

Regardless of what you decide to wear, make sure its trim and well fitting to your body type. Nothing looks or performs well when it’s painted on and baggy, ill-fitting clothing doesn’t really show an attention to detail.

4. Sock It To Them

This is not the time nor the place to show off your novelty socks. (The pizza print socks can be left in your drawer.) Pick out a solid color and match them to your trousers.

5. Less Is More

Pocket squares can be fun and showcase bits of your personality. In this case though, stick with a clean, white cotton square. Save the brighter colored silk ones for after you land the gig.

6. Black Out

Black suits can come off as being too severe for a job interview. So unless you’re hoping to secure a position as a funeral director, we’d recommend reaching for something in a navy or a gray.

7. Shoe Game

Stick with something tried and true. You can’t go wrong with a classic leather loafer or lace up in a clean, modern silhouette. Anything with a square toe should be burned at the stake. Whatever you choose to wear on your feet should be polished. It’ll reflect that you’ve taken the extra step; any employer will appreciate that.

8. Groom Up

Times have changed and you don’t need to rock the high and tight to get the job anymore. Facial hair is becoming more and more acceptable in the work place as well. However, if you do let your follicles grow, keep everything neat and manicured.

9. It’s In The Bag

If you plan on bringing along a briefcase we suggest just that. A slim, minimal, leather briefcase or leather bag will show that you thought of everything. A nylon gym bag or a backpack will destroy even the most meticulously chosen outfit.

Remember to give a firm handshake, speak with confidence and make plenty of eye contact. You’ve got this! You’ll be running the company in no time.


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