The Versatility of the Blue Suit
The Versatility of the Blue Suit


When you throw on a properly tailored suit, you immediately distinguish yourself from the pack. It places you in a different conversation. It makes those around you pay attention. While suits have been around since the origins of menswear, a lot of guys don’t own one or understand how to utilize it. While suits come in a variety of colors, especially in this era, each lends itself to a different tier of formality. This is where the blue suit becomes the key player. It fits perfectly into this medium of dress and casual situations.


As seen through a diverse range from the runway to weddings and iconic films, a blue suit can be worn in a ton of different situations. Considering this, it has become a staple within the traditional menswear landscape as well as the ever-changing climate of millennial fashion we see today.



The blue suit allows you to have some diversity within your wardrobe with varying tones, and textures, which are huge keys in getting the proper look down. Blue presents itself as an inviting hue; one that compliments a wide array of other colors. You can go with a softer blue tone for something a bit more playful, or something deeper for a clean, sharp look. In warmer weather, try a lighter linen set. When the temperature starts to dip, go for a navy wool option. You can even shake things up with distinct patterns like a windowpane that adds a subtle pop while still letting the essence of the color shine through. All of these details give the suit an approachable nature for someone who is looking to get into the realm of tailored clothing but doesn’t necessarily know where to start.



Versatility is important when it comes to clothing because you want to make sure you get your wear out of the items you purchase. The blue suit’s ease of transition lends itself to extreme versatility within a wardrobe, making it worth every penny you spend on it. If you’re looking to be dressed to the nines, wear the full set with a dress shirt, tie, pocket square and a pair of shoes. For something still presentable but a little more toned down, you can keep the shirt, ditch the tie, and pair that with some loafers or even a higher cut leather boot. If you really want to take your suit for a casual spin, you can wear it with simple pair of white sneakers and a clean t-shirt. Even utilizing the jacket and trousers separately with items like jeans or a brimmed hat, you can mix and match different looks while still having everything look put together. That’s the beauty of a blue suit. This one set can go a long way.



A suit is an investment piece. Something that will get its wear time and time again and will stay with you for years. The blue suit is such an iconic piece of menswear that fits this idea so well. From Pacino to Prince, it has been able to stay immensely classic while continuing to shift between generations of different styles. Whether you’re going on that interview for the job you’ve been hunting down for years or just going out with the guys, you can put it on and it’ll work. If you’re looking for something that’s essential, stylish, and adaptable to numerous scenarios, look no further than a well-fitting blue suit.




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