Layer Up: Your Guide to Looking Great and Keeping Warm This Winter

Snow has hit the ground and those breezy fall days have seemingly vanished which means one thing - we are in full winter mode. Winter can be a polarizing time of year. With subzero temperatures and ice-filled streets, people shy away from embracing the cold in hopes of somehow speaking those warmer months back into existence. Whether you love it or hate it, that time of year is here, and it’s time to swap those warm weather items for pieces that are going to keep you protected from the elements outside while also looking fresh.

A great thing that comes out of winter, is the ability to compose a layered look with multiple items and not be overwhelmed with warmth. With a multitude of combinations, layering is an easy tactic that virtually anyone can adopt into their style, and what better time to do it than now.

You can layer to the nines or keep it toned down, and either way, you’re adding a sense of depth to your look through stacked colors and textures.

Winter weather comes off the fall stretch where those light, breathable fabrics start getting phased out and put on the back burner. I’m talking about your linen, rayon, seersucker, things like that. While they look excellent and certainly serve their purpose when it’s warmer out, they aren’t the best fit for the cold as they are more open allowing for easier air flow. For this time of year, you’re going to want to opt for more tightly woven, heavier materials such as wool that will keep you much warmer. On top of keeping the cold out, the great thing about switching fabrics is the introduction of new textures, allowing for more versatility when you’re layering up multiple pieces.

With that earthy color palette of fall mixed in with some more vibrant tones, this time of year allows you to play with color without being overbearing. Color blocking with layering is a great way to break up an outfit and keep it from looking too monochromatic.

The bulk of layering is going to center around the top half of your look. This is where you’ll be able to utilize different jackets, knits, and shirts to create interchangeable outfits.

Formal jackets are perfect to center a look around during this time of year, and they most certainly do not need to be restricted to just a collared shirt. You could take something as simple as a white t-shirt, throw a flannel blazer over top and you have instantly created a more elegant look. They’re also great for chucking over knits like a turtleneck or standard crewneck sweater for that smart-casual vibe. You can take things up a notch and couple your jacket with something like a cotton twill vest, which pairs great with a simple patterned dress shirt or oxford.

A more protective outer layer is definitely a necessity for that winter chill. Placing an outerwear garment over everything helps keep the cold out while still keeping the integrity of your whole look. Pieces like our made-to-measure spy coats in a pattern or solid are great options that add a little length and a different aspect to what you’re wearing. When you really want to bundle up nothing beats an overcoat in a Casentino wool with a bright pop of color or a luxurious neutral-toned wool/cashmere blend.

Now, of course, the fit is never complete without some accessories. Add some dimension and subtle hints of color to your outfit with winter-appropriate items like a cotton knit tie or patterned wool scarf. And when your hands start feeling a bit frigid, a pair of leather driving gloves is never a bad play.

While the top half of your appearance is certainly important, a complete outfit can’t exist without the proper pant and shoe game. Now’s the time where you can break out the dark selvedge denim and wool trousers that’ll keep you looking dynamite while also keeping your legs warm. Throw these on with our Jodhpur Boot in leather or keep it super classic with a pair of wingtips for a killer bottom half to that layered top.

Layering is going to be your go-to for the winter season and with the conditions being as unpredictable as ever, you can remove and add pieces as you choose, essentially customizing your outfit to how you see fit. Whether you keep it simple or feel more daring, you’ll be turning heads when people catch a glimpse of your take on the layered look this season.


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