Rodeo to Runway: Lightweight Denim Western Snap Shirts

 From the big screen to modern street style, western-inspired fashion has seemingly weaved its way into sectors of pop culture, whether we’ve realized it or not. Despite one-dimensional stereotypes that may be associated with it and the characterization of “cowboy fashion”, it encompasses much more than that, having birthed a number of fashion trends that have cemented themselves as legitimate style guides for today’s circles.

One of the key pieces that pop up time and time again when talking about western wear is the shirting. While some can be loud and somewhat gaudy in appearance, they include interesting details you don’t often see on your standard button-ups, and when done right can really make an outfit pop.

We've taken cues from this classic silhouette and birthed our own version that feels more elegant while being able to fit any situation you throw at it. When you want to add some flair to your wardrobe but still keep it sophisticated, look no further than our new lightweight denim western snap shirts.

Done in a lightweight 100% cotton denim fabric, our shirts are perfect for wearing year round and with a tailored fit, you get a perfect merger of vintage and modern style.

The classic grey and blue color options can easily be incorporated into any outfit, while the dotted pattern adds that contemporary twist to give you some more versatility. Pearl snap closures down the placket, wrists and dual chest pockets give a nostalgic feel and add a nice switch up from standard buttons.

Throw one on with a pair of dark washed denim and some brown or black boots for an homage to that classic western theme that feels modern enough for a night out. It’s equally as rustic as it is put together. For added depth, you can throw a blazer over top of the shirt and you’ve instantly added another element and created a more dressed up appearance.

For a step in a different direction, pair the shirt with some smarter options like a pair of wool trousers and a classic pair of leather double monks to bring that upscale feel while allowing the shirt do the talking.

The dotted print is enough to stand on its own, equally as it is paired with other patterns. While mixing patterns has always been a topic of controversy, there’s no reason to be afraid to combine different ones together anymore. Mix one of our shirts with another piece in a checkered or striped print. It’s all about complimenting each other. As long as the execution is there and the fit is on point, it’ll show that you know what you’re doing and open some eyes to the different ways of composing an outfit.

Adding accessories like simple patterned scarves and ties is another great way to incorporate some dimension to your look without going overboard.

They’re not just for the rodeo anymore boys. When you’re looking to give your wardrobe some flare and switch things up from the usual-button up, our lightweight denim western snap shirts have you covered.



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