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"The Devil is in the Detail".

When it comes to crafting an article of clothing, choosing the right fabric is just as important as everything else, whether that be design, fit, or color. When quality materials are dismissed, things can fall apart (literally). If you have low-grade material that lacks durability and doesn’t hold its shape, the garment can wear quickly and you can wind up looking sloppy and unkempt. On the other hand, if you’re wearing something that’s too stiff and carries a lot of weight, you risk looking straight up uncomfortable. The compromise of style over comfort or vice versa, should not be a constant dilemma. It’s all about finding that perfect middle point between luxury, comfortability, and practicality. This is where Casentino wool comes into play.

Casentino cloth or Panno Casentino is a type of wool that originated in the Casentino Valley in Tuscany, Italy during the Middle Ages. From its beginnings during this period, it was primarily used as a cover for friars. By the 18th and 19th centuries, it’s purpose had broadened, being utilized as cover for towing animals and traveling personnel who were exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. It expanded into the upper echelon of high-class individuals for its fashionable appeal, being used for elegant coats. It grew synonymous with fame and recognition, becoming popular with people such as composers Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. The wool’s initial color palette of red-orange and bright green helped give it its classic stand out appearance that it would later be known for.

The cloth is obtained from the shearing of sheep and is characterized by its unique nubby texture that is attained through a process known as ratinatura, giving it a raised effect, almost like intentional pilling. This helps create a two-layer surface keeping you supremely insulated while also being durable and resistant to harsh conditions. Despite its warming properties, Casentino still manages to keep the body from perspiring, adding to its overall comfort and functionality.  

Moving into today’s fashion scene and Casentino wool has transitioned into a mainstay in the high fashion and sartorial community. Its exclusivity and classy nature continue to draw its appeal. You walk the streets of Florence during Pitti Uomo and you're bound to see some Casentino wool pieces surrounding you.

As coat season has come into fruition, we’ve taken this classic fabric and put our own spin on it, utilizing it for our Made to Measure outerwear options like car coats and overcoats. Casentino coats bring that nostalgic feel while also taking a forward-thinking approach. Incorporating a wide color palette ranging from those vibrant pastels to more toned down neutral colors, the versatility shines, whether you use the jackets as a statement piece or an everyday wear. They pair perfectly over top of a dress shirt/sports jacket combo with some wool trousers or something more subtle like a sweater with dark denim and boots. With different details and a custom fit, you’ll be reaching for your Casentino jacket when you want to stay toasty against the cold. Whether you want to show off or keep it simple, we’re bringing out the options with Casentino wool.


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