A New Twist On Traditional Pocket Squares

Accessorizing is a vital key to your overall appearance. It’s essentially as important as finding the right length of inseam on your trousers. When you’re not mixing those extras into your getup, things can become a little monotonous. Pocket squares are on that list of small, yet necessary accessories. They’re not handkerchiefs. You don’t blow your nose into them. Pocket squares are similar in the sense that they’re squares of fabric, but their sole purpose is to compliment an outfit, not to release the remains from your week-long sinus infection.

Pocket squares are like that kid who never says a thing but when they finally open their mouth they say the coolest shit ever. They often get overlooked but when they stand out you take notice. Even though they take up barely any room on your jacket of choice, pocket squares allow you to accessorize and amp up any ensemble that may be a little dull, or just add more pop to an already stand-out fit. The great thing about incorporating pocket squares into your wardrobe is their ability to add a distinct exclusivity to whatever you put together. They don’t have to match your tie. That contrast is what helps bring everything together. You could throw on something like a simple grey suit and the minute you tuck that square in the breast pocket, you instantly have a new dimension of color, texture and overall presentation.

We have expanded on the idea of the traditional pocket square with our new offerings. Thinking outside the basic parameters of solid swatches, we’ve developed pieces that display a transferable and timeless approach to jacket accessorizing while still having fun with the graphics. Laced in a variety of new designs from illustrated fruits to characters in precarious situations, our squares are more than just an addition to your outfit, they’re essentially handheld art pieces. Made in Italy of a silk twill and utilizing hand rolled edges, they keep shape throughout the day while being elusive enough to handle your most intricate folding techniques. Finding different ways to fold them will allow you to show off different details that each one has to offer. They’re perfect if you want to add that subtle flair without taking away from your look.

When you take a look at our pocket squares, you’ll notice that sense of individuality that we look to transfer to our customers. They tow that line between being stand out and subdued. They’re great to give a go if you’re apprehensive to switching things up because they don’t dominate, they enhance. Compact and easy to keep on your person, our new pocket squares are great to bring out at any instance. Check out our new series of pocket squares in store and online.



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