All BUREAU Ready to Wear items are expertly tailored with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as our MTM pieces, but feature the immediacy of off the rack. Of course, any RTW item can be altered to your preferences to further perfect the fit. With a purchase of an off the rack item, we offer a round of basic alterations on our RTW tailored clothing - up to $35 worth of work - at no extra charge to you.

Although RTW denotes standardized sizing, a lot of patience, thought, and practice went into the sizing and patterns used to craft these pieces. All of our jackets have natural shoulders and slight shape to the waist; both shirts and jackets have a higher armhole to allow for a greater range of movement. We strive balance form and function - we want things to look trim, not skinny.

See our sizing chart here for fitting concerns. Pick a preferred, well-fitting garment from your closet and give it a measure - lay it flat and apply half measurements to compare with our sizing chart.

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