The concept behind BUREAU began in 2011 as a branded clothing operation specifically focused on traditional tailoring methods used to produce a collection piece by piece. The intention there was to thoughtfully create clothing fully knowing who each piece was being made for, rather that a mass produced collection fit for, well, no one quite frankly. The idea of tailored clothing in standardized sizing had always seemed wrong in my eyes, considering not only the lack of individuality and poor fit, but also the financial short-comings that came with it. While working with a master tailor here in Buffalo, I began to construct and finalize the details that you will now find in every BUREAU suit.  After designing the initial series of suits for BUREAU a very specific and hybrid form materialized - garments that were both referencing classic silhouettes from traditional Italian and British tailoring, while also conveying the nonchalance of stylistic heroes in the likes of David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Marcello Mastrioni and Jazz legends like Miles Davis and John Coltrane. There was a relaxed elegance to the way these men dressed that so fittingly summed up the BUREAU approach to putting a wardrobe together.

In 2013 I partnered with long time friend, Jon Eisenberg. The two of us set out to create a storefront that felt as natural as being in someones living room. The goal was to remove many of the preconceived notions that one typically feels upon walking into a custom men’s shop. We wanted to extinguish the idea of a "top-shelf thing" that couldn’t be obtained or was out of your league... a more approachable and attainable attitude was needed. After 4 years of being in business, we have gratefully had the chance to work with some amazing clients that we not only get to design for, but that we also get to call friends.


We look forward to working with you. 

-Joseph Stocker/Creative Director                  -Jon Eisenberg/Shop Manager