The concept for BUREAU began in 2011 as a clothing brand who’s main focus was to use traditional tailoring methods to produce a collection one by one. The intent being to fully know who each piece is being made for, rather that a massed produced collection fit for no one. The idea of standardized sizing seamed wrong, considering not only the lack of individuality but also the financial short-comings that came with it. Working with a master tailor here in Buffalo, I began working on the construction and details that you now find in every BUREAU suit.  After designing the first series of suits for BUREAU, what materialized were garments that mixed classic silhouettes from traditional Italian and British tailoring with the nonchalance of stylistic heroes such as David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Marcello Mastrioni as well as Jazz legends Miles Davis and John Coltrane…There was a relaxed elegance to the way they dressed that sums up the BUREAU approach to putting together a wardrobe.

In 2013 partnering with long time friend, Jon Eisenberg. The two of us set out to create a store front that felt as comfortable as being in someones living room. The goal was to remove a lot of the preconceived notions that usually came with walking into a custom men’s shop. The idea that it was a top shelf thing that you couldn’t obtain or that was out of your league...A more approachable and attainable attitude was needed. After 3 years of being open, we have had the chance to work with some amazing clients that we not only get to design for, but we also get to call them friends.

We are in the business of making people feel good, and our vehicle of doing that is through making clothes for them.


We look forward to working with you. 

-Joseph Stocker/Creative Director                  -Jon Eisenberg/Shop Manager