Flannel Season
It has finally cooled up enough outside to the point where you’re granted the luxury of layering up, and what better way to ring this in than with some incredible flannel options. Flannel is perfect for keeping you warm while also adding a layer of depth to your look.
Our off-the-rack flannel pieces are the ones that will get you from a casual weekend getaway to a wedding and everything in between. With our flannel dress shirts, oxfords, and jackets, you can translate a lot of different style languages and diversify your wardrobe.
Every guy needs a great dress shirt but sometimes a standard cloth can feel a little monotonous. This is where the flannel dress shirt comes in. The cut and details are to the specs of a standard dress shirt but with a warmer yet not overbearing flannel fabric. Coming in muted green, blue and white, these are easily transferable into many style avenues. Wear one of these without a tie for a clean winter look or pair one with a suit for an ensemble that looks great on a night out. These hold their structure so they’re perfect for a day’s wear.
When you’re looking for something that can translate that in-between space of smart and casual, our flannel oxford shirt is the perfect option. Done in a grey and blue checked pattern, with a shorter, straight hem, this looks great tucked or untucked. Throw this on with some dark denim and a pair of boots for a simple, clean, casual look.
To round out the trio we have our off-the-rack flannel jackets, helping you navigate every space of your fall/winter wardrobe requirements. The first out the bunch is our muted red flannel jacket, done with a notch lapel and patch pockets for something casual enough, yet can still be dressed up. For something that stands out a bit more, you can go for our blue or grey checked jacket with slanted flap pockets and a ticket pocket, that goes great with denim and a pair of boots. With the same details, we also have our heavier grey and tan jackets that are great dressed up options when the temperatures hit their cold points.
Being well equipped for fall and winter is a necessity and with our off-the-rack flannel offerings, you will be set for anything that gets thrown your way this season.



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